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Individual and Family Medical Insurance

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Medical Insurance
Need individual or family medical insurance?

Determining which health insurance plans best meet your situation can be challening.

  • Short Term Medical Insurance

    Coverage for a variety of medical services like doctor office visits, emergency room care, hospital stays, surgery and more after a deductible is met.

    Free and unlimited telemedicine doctor consultations

    Short-term health plans are temporary coverage.

    *Available in select states. Call us for details.

  • Fixed Benefit Medical

    Fixed benefit medical insurance plans provide coverage in times of need. These health insurance plans can stand on their own or pair with another major medical or Medicare plan to give financial protection in the case of an unexpected injury or illness.

    These plans pay a fixed dollar amount for each type of healthcare service per calendar year. The amount you receive for medical services is the same regardless of where you receive care or how much the provider charges.

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